by Claire Yorita Lee 

"Mommy, who wrote the Bible?"  My eldest, Sparkles, is questioning everything and I love it.  “Were they like really there... With Jesus?”   Not going to lie, I almost always want to point her to our pastor, Sunshine, or as Sparkles calls her, “my 52 year old friend.”  I just don't wanna say anything blasphemous, however, I gave her an answer.   She nodded, satisfied, then turned to me and said, “Well, did they have cell phones when Jesus was around?”

It's funny to think my kids will never grow up in a world without cell phones.  At the touch of their hands they can communicate with someone on the other side of the world.  It's amazing how immediate information is, they'll never really have to look things up in an encyclopedia, they have wikipedia.  They won't have to memorize phone numbers, or worry about having an exact meeting time and place because they'll have the luxury of being able to contact someone anywhere at anytime.

I'll admit, I too am attached to that device, especially when I'm maneuvering the streets of LA.  I plug everything into Waze to see what's the quickest way to my destination, sometimes even when it's only a mile's drive (I mean, here you never know, it might take you an hour to go 1 mile – I'm not joking). I can look up recipes at the grocery store, while simultaneously talking on the phone, and emailing someone all at the same time.  It provides me with serious multi-tasking.



Anyway, I told Sparkles she doesn't get a cell phone till she's 16.  I know I'll probably cave earlier, but I'd rather keep her expectations low.  In the meantime, I'll have to remind her that while Jesus didn't have a cell phone back in the day, He's available to her anytime, anywhere about anything.  Now that's something to be attached to.