By Suzanne Niles 

I like to think he was looking for treasures and not trying to give Grandma a heart attack trying to figure out where he went! I decided early on that there would never be a question of his location on my watch. Maximus is all boy, inquisitive, afraid of nothing and always looking for the next adventure. To Max, everything is something new, something to be conquered. Born with the natural propensity for climbing anything that has something to grab onto and having the stamina of the Energizer bunny, he is a force to be reckoned with. One that steals my heart with every dimpled smile and fills me with love at every snuggle!

Viewing him peeking under the bed gave me the thought that he could be searching for something wonderful. Trying to get him out from under it proved how intent he was on finding it. It made me think about the difference between the imagination and vitality of a young child at play and an adult making their way through every day demands of life. When did we lose our fervor? Do we still have that unabashed determination and the imagination to go with it? If not, what can we do to recapture it? I have decided that I am going to embark on my own treasure hunt to regain the enthusiasm and zest for life of my younger years.

I, Suzanne Niles, plan to wake up every morning with a fresh outlook at a brand new day. One filled to the brim with opportunities and new things to learn. A day where I apply myself to new challenges and determine to do it with a wide eyed anticipation of discovery. I promise that when I look in the mirror I will not be disillusioned by the passage of time that appears on my face but will believe that you are never too old for something new! The possibilities are endless and there for the taking!

Let’s be honest; life can get messy; difficult. Sometimes we can focus on what was, not what could be. Sometimes we stay stuck when we could pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and refuse to give up. It’s a choice, isn’t it? Life is short. Let’s live every day to the fullest, be the person God created us to be and accomplish what we were put here to do!

I am choosing to live like new today, and then tomorrow and every day after that. I will lend a hand to those in need. I will share what I have been blessed with in order to bless others. I will smile, I will be open and I will love. 

But first, I am headed to collect that snuggle!